Famous People Who Play Dungeons and Dragons

Here is a small list of famous people who play Dungeons and Dragons, on the list Stephen Colbert, Vin Diesel, Wil Wheaton, Hulk Hogan, Seth Green. Here is an URL for a larger list
clipped from thetorchonline.com

Tim Duncan, Judi Dench, John McCain

  • Mike Meyers claimed to play D&D on Inside the Actor’s Studio.
  • Vin Diesel, a longtime player, wrote an introduction to the book Thirty Years of Adventure: Celebrating Dungeons and Dragons.
  • Judy Dench was reportedly introduced to the game by Vin Diesel.
  • Matthew Lillard has played (and apparently beat) kids for charity.
  • Basketball player Tim Duncan is a long-time player.
  • Robin Williams has played for charity, but admits to playing at home as well.
  • Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were introduced to the game by Kevin Smith.
  • Daryl Hannah supposedly plays (though I could find no coroberating evidence).
  • Jesse McCarthy and Lauren Graham have at least touched a D&D box.
  • Joss Whedon played D&D in college.
  • Stephen Colbert was a big player as a kid and still plays now.
  • Will Wheaton reportedly played on the set of Star Trek: The Next Generation (stop the presses!).
  • clipped from www.youtube.com

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