Iron Man 2’s Secret Sauce: 3-D Printing

Iron Man 2 Article from Fastcompany
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Iron Man 2’s Secret Sauce: 3-D Printing

Exclusive pics of the 3-D printing process behind the Iron Man 2 costumes.

Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2 opens today! Are you excited? Really? Huh. Well, keep reading anyway. You know someone’s gonna drag you into a showing.

On screen, with all those suits whirling into place, you’d probably assume that the “costumes” are merely virtual. Actually, they’re not: Maybe the most cutting-edge facet of Iron Man 2‘s production was the real-life fabrication of the suits. Using 3-D printers, the film’s production company, Legacy Effects, was able to have artists draw an art concept–and then physically make that concept in just four hours.

The “Eden” printers, which are made by Objet, work by using an inkjet cartridge to print a layer of powdered plastic, which is then fused with UV light. Each layer is just microns thick, and the product gets printed from the bottom up. Here’s video of the process, though not an actual Iron Man costume:

Iron Man 2 costume

Iron Man 2 costume

Iron Man 2 costume
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For Vin

Yeah that’s right Vin Diesel Plays Dungeons and Dragons, got a problem with that.
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For The Vin
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Another Sad Day In the World Of Dungeons And Dragons

Dave Arneson, Co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons has passed today. May the gods look kindly upon him for his great works, Thank you Arneson for giving us this great game of Dungeons and Dragons. May you and Gygax both be rolling 20’s together in the Planes.
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Grognardia posts the sad news:

I’ve just received word that Dave Arneson, co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons, has passed away.

Dave Arneson (1947-2009)

Dave Arneson (1947-2009)

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Arneson has died

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Welcome to the Fools Grove

Hey looking to find some strange creatures to torture your players with then you may want to send them to the Fool’s Grove. You will find creatures like the Campestri mean spirited little fungi, how about the Flail Snail for a little battery.
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The Dungeon Delve supplement introduces the delve style of adventure to anyone who hasn’t had the fortune to be at a convention featuring our RPGA delves. Coinciding with Dungeon Delve‘s release last month, we are pleased to offer the following “missing” delve—originally set for party level 2 1/2.

In a time long before the current age of the world, fomorians began magical experimentation with myriad life forms, fey and otherwise, to produce nefarious guardians and soldiers. Such experimentation inevitably results in successes and failures. Loath to part with their failed experiments without sowing some form of wickedness, the fomorians devised mystical prisons for their underwhelming monstrosities. These they built upon or near the surface of the world, where their castoff pets could do harm to the fomorians’ enemies.

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A Gentlemen’s Duel

Here is a great little animated short By Blur. It’s called “A Gentlemen’s Duel.
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From Games Information Blog

I thought this was very cool. I was checking my email today and got this great surprise my blog was used to as an example of “100 Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games You Should Play Before You Die” in fact it is the 1. Dungeons and Dragons. Thanks to for using my blog.

Now shoo, go read the full list.

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Games Information Blog

100 Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games You Should Play Before You Die

Pen and paper roleplaying games are now a small-ish hobby. But if you’re a fan of this type of recreation, there are a few pen and paper roleplaying games which might be considered essential. Here’s my list; check off the ones you’ve played, then give the rest a try.

  • Dungeons & DragonsThe original game that started the pen and paper roleplaying hobby. Play any and every version of it that you can. Dungeons and Dragons is fun.
  • Fantasy Roleplaying Games

    All pen and paper roleplaying games are “fantasy roleplaying games”, but this particular subcategory refers to “fantasy” in terms of the more traditional sense of “sword & sorcery” type fantasy.

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    Gaming Humor

    Here are some funny things that happen at the gaming table. These are all clipped from Wizards of the Coast, you can read more just follow the link.
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    It helps if you pronounce the hyphen

    From Jacob:

    DM: The marilith disarms you.
    PC: But I’m a monk. I’m not using any weapons.
    DM: My bad. Let me do this again… she dis-arms you.

    As Columbus writes “Spain” on the right edge of the paper…

    DM: The passageway ends. You can go left or right.
    David: Let’s go left.
    Jacob: Wait. Let’s go right.
    David: Why right?
    Jacob: Well, I just think that because we fought the trolls back in a room that was on the right, we should go right.
    David: [Incredulous] What?
    Jacob: I’m on the edge of the paper. If we go left, I’ll run out of paper.
    David: OK, let’s go right.

    Spelling counts

    From Bob:

    A player passed me a note to tell me that he was disguised as a “pheasant.” He was extremely surprised when the bad guys entered the tavern to see his character in a bird costume, trying to be discreet.

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